Letter from the President

Dear Customer:

Before deciding to hire the lowest bidder, there are important points to think about that suggest the lowest price may not be the best value. Consider this:

Paint Manufacturers have NOT lowered their prices due to recent slowdowns in construction; instead they have increased material costs. Our painters still command, and deserve, periodic pay increases because they are professionals with proven experience. The main difference in the way paint companies do business is the reduction of profit margins in order to stay more competitive amongst each other.

Increasingly our industry has seen the formation and participation of “fly-by-night” companies. These are companies who may register as a legitimate business one day only to score a couple contracts and payouts then disappear. You may be tempted to opt for their services based solely on the attractiveness of their pricing. But remember, you get what you pay for sooner or later.

Painting has, and always will be, a process which takes time and care. The color you may see being applied onto a building is only a small percentage of the work it takes to prepare the building for said color.

So why focus solely on the price? The company painting your community should matter just as much if not more. If a real company with references, insurance, legal status, clean employees and a proper office bids a job against a company of two guys based out of a van with no credentials and minimal experience the most likely low bidder will be the latter of the two.

Please be an educated and responsible consumer. Do your homework, ask questions, visit company offices, and most importantly stay alert during the work. We responsible contractors that want to remain in business for years to come do stand out from the rest. Your time and effort investment now will save you time and money in the not so distant future.

Raul Ivanez
President – Vico Painting

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