Add life, beauty and value to your asphalt with a protective sealcoating job.

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Seal coating is the application of a black coal tar pitch emulsion to your asphalt surfaces. This material penetrates the surface and forms a protective barrier with your asphalt. It renews the appearance of your “Blacktop” and provides much needed protection.

Asphalt surface wear is primarily caused by weathering, oxidation and the destructive softening effects of gasoline, and oil. The number one cause of pavement deterioration is water.

We use only high quality, undiluted sealcoating materials, mixed with sand for better traction, appearance and wear.

Benefits of Seal Coating

Recent Seal Coating Projects

Here are some of our seal coating projects we’ve recently completed.

The Vico Painting Seal Coat Difference

Generally, seal coating should be applied every 2-3 years, or as needed. We offer solutions based on your needs and budget… immediate or in the future.

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